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Magento is an adaptable open source platform that can be tailored to fit any business solution large or small. This ecommerce master can facilitate all manners of growth and expansion, capable of delivering a versatile and intuitive customer experience.

Experienced Magento Developers
The Creative Web has been developing with Magento for over ten years, using best practices in technology, the highest standards in design & marketing and a commitment to producing outstanding commerce for each and every client collaboration.
We offer unique solutions in:


Design underpins everything we do here at The Creative Web. That’s why we take our time to do things right from the beginning; From the first wireframe on paper to the final touches of a web page, we’re fastidious about details (and some would say a little too much) to the very end. Our expert design team truly understands the online arena and can deliver seamless experiences that engage with your customers.


Whether you have an existing Magento site that needs developing or you need to build from scratch, we have some of the best Magento developers that can help facilitate your online goals and meet strategic business initiatives.


In a multi-channeled world where your customer has many ways of reaching, buying and engaging with your brand, are you heading for success or are you failing to capitalise on investment? Deciding on the right strategy for your business is dependent on your long-term business goals, the type of company, expectations and budget.


Delivering on expectations, creating an environment where your customers feel comfortable, and, creating a smooth path to purchase is crucial for your online success. Customer focused designs present your offering in the best way for your particular target audience. This is the sure way for greater profit margins and increased customer interaction with your brand.


Driving traffic to your website is one thing, converting it into profitable sales is another. Each site needs to be tailored to help increase SEO, whether it be User Testing, Analytics reviews or Onsite A/B testing, our wealth of experience, best practices and industry experts can help you increase your online revenue from day one.

ERP/CRM/POS Solutions

Magento can fully integrate with your CRM or ERP systems for complete syncronisation of your business applications. This is a must for some companies wanting to drive an efficient practice and streamline their business model.

Magento is our choice of commerce. why?
Magento is an adaptable open source platform that can be tailored to fit any business solution large or small
  • Magento is an adaptable platform that can be tailored to fit any business solution
  • User friendly interface that is easily navigable, intuitive and fluid. This all adds up to a great buying experience
  • Customers have the confidence to buy from a Magento store. Dedicated IP and SSL security enabled
  • While Magento is complex, it is not complicated, thus giving your clients a rich shopping experience
  • One of the great features of Magento is the fact that it can seamlessly run multiple stores
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