Social Media – Getting Started (Part 4 & 5)

Step 4 – Campaigns using Social Media
OK so you have a good solid and quality list of followers (those the follow you on Twitter and or Like you on Facebook) so how do you utilise this valuable resource? Start to run marketing campaigns. They have to be attractive, creative, offer value and if possible be original and innovative with your ideas. You followers will need to want to share this information with their followers straight away and at the same time you can interact with them, you have their attention for a few seconds so make sure you use it wisely and be memorable, for all the right reasons.
Step 5 – Include your best asset, your employees
The whole Social Media becomes much more effective if you can harness your biggest asset, your employees. Do what you can to encourage them to actively support your campaigns, be involved in discussions, add credibility to your groups and offer encouragement to your target audience. You might also pick up some of their followers in the process. But again this comes with a health warning, spend some time with your staff training them on Social Media do’s and don’ts, make sure they know what your objectives are and that they are given the knowledge to support the campaigns in a positive and constructive manner. This done they can help contribute to your Social Media activities and thus to the companies and their own success and job security.