Website statistics and usage analysis

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One of the key advantages of online marketing is the ability to accurately measure your campaign’s performance. You can see the result of your investment almost immediately by using analytics to check the number of click-throughs and responses. This will show how successful a new call-to-action is and help compare the success of different campaigns. To measure the success of your online presence and improve its performance, you will need information about your visitors. This information is easily collected and analysed with a good website statistics solution. Your hosting company may provide you with a basic website statistics tool, or … Continued

Keeping your website fresh

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What can you do to help make sure your website continues to be a useful resource into the future? Maintaining content New, fresh and interesting content encourages visitors to keep returning to your site. If people find appealing content on your site, they are more likely to link to it. This means that your site is likely to place higher in search results which, in turn, is likely to help attract more visitors to your site. Regularly updating content requires commitment. Simply building a website then forgetting about it might not be making the most of your investment. To maintain … Continued

Is mobile optimisation for you?

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The process of optimising your website for mobile devices can cost time and money, so it is worth considering whether or not it is going to be a good investment for your organisation. If you are small organisation with a limited budget for online projects, then mobile optimisation may not be a priority. Creating a mobile version of your website It is possible to build a mobile version of your website that is designed to be automatically displayed when viewed on devices with small screens, such as mobile phones, even when visitors enter your regular domain name into their mobile … Continued

…average of 25 minutes each day on Facebook

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Statistics from Alexa show that 50% of everyone who uses the internet spends an average of 25 minutes each day on Facebook. So, 50% of your potential customer base are on Facebook, just waiting for you to reach them. If it’s not crystal clear to you yet, what you’re missing by not using this in your business, then maybe you need to think again about your Social Media Marketing. Do you even use Social Media? Have you thought about it? Does your web site link to your Facebook and Twitter Accounts? Do you publish events and run offers on Facebook? … Continued

Social Media – Getting Started (Part 4 & 5)

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Step 4 – Campaigns using Social Media OK so you have a good solid and quality list of followers (those the follow you on Twitter and or Like you on Facebook) so how do you utilise this valuable resource? Start to run marketing campaigns. They have to be attractive, creative, offer value and if possible be original and innovative with your ideas. You followers will need to want to share this information with their followers straight away and at the same time you can interact with them, you have their attention for a few seconds so make sure you use … Continued

Social Media – Getting Started (Part 2 & 3)

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Step two – Plan Plan and Plan Plan how you will approach your Social Media campaigns and activities. People do not like aggressive sales methods and when on the web such tactics are at best just ignored or at worst you can be removed or deleted from peoples feeds wasting the hard work you put in to get there in the first place. Place your efforts in opening and contributing to conversations, engaging in discussions, building relationships or put simple earning trust, becoming an expert in your field. Once trust is gained it becomes easier to introduce your products and … Continued

Social Media – Getting Started (Part 1)

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How to integrate social media into your business Business, no matter what sector it is operating in, needs to stay with the times, adapt or disappear so may say. This means using the latest tools available weather that is a production machine or new systems. Now days it is often a new opportunity in the communication and marketing world known as Social Media. It is an incredibly powerful tool and can be adapted to work for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors but it is very easy to waste your time and money if you do not embrace … Continued

Modern, efficient web development is all about using tools

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We learn programming languages to get started, but the bulk of a developer’s education is devoted to learning to use generators, dependency management tools, frameworks, libraries, APIs, and so on. There are more new web development tools than ever now, and they can save much development time, as well as increase code quality. Reviewing just the most popular of these tools would warrant its own blog post, so for now I just recommend that you do some exploring. To get started, if you’re still not using a css framework like LESS or SASS, a build tool like Grunt.js, a generator … Continued

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